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The 10 Step Family Dragons:

This workshop focuses on the differences between a nuclear family and the stepfamily.  Key differences that will not only improve the functioning of the family, but improve the relationships within that family.  The Workshop takes place over one evening and one day (usually a Friday evening (6 pm - 9pm)  and a Saturday (9pm - 4pm). 

The 10 Step Family Dragons: The stepfamily begins with the breakdown of the biological family or families covering the following topics in detail:
  • The Stepfamily or Blended Family Cannot and Will Not Function as Does the Traditional or Biological Family;
  • Conflicting Forces of Blood and Sex;
  • Partnership Skills for the New Challenges are at a Premium;
  • Chaos of Persistent and Unexpected Change;
  • Conflict of Loyalties are felt by every member of the system;
  • Diminished Parenting;
  • Dollars – Conflicts over Distribution of Money;
  • Denial – Splitting and Lack of Awareness;
  • The Lack of Co-Parenting and Badmouthing Between Ex-Spouses;
  • Visitation: Most often, upsets or conflict are due to lack of planning.  

(Full acknowledgement is given to Jeanette Lofas, Ph.D, LCSW, Founder and President of the Stepfamily Foundation Inc, headquartered in New York City.

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