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  • Understand the hostile behavior of your partner’s  children?
  • Resent it when your partner disciplines your child?
  • Find traditional  family  times (such as holidays, vacations, and birthdays), fraught with hard  feelings and tension?
  • Feel like an unpaid babysitter for your partner’s ex-spouse?
  • Have a child who came to visit  and stayed forever?
  • Feel like your home has been   invaded and nothing is private anymore?
  • Resent that a portion of your family income goes to your  partner’s ex-spouse and  children?
  • Find it difficult to make a will?
  • Pretend to be a first-time family?
You are not alone .... You are in a StepFamily.   More than 1/3 of Candian Families are.  WE can help.
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