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Support & Education for Blended Families

INFORMATION for anyone interested in learning more about stepfamilies or blended families. Seminars for the public, and groups or organizations  focused on the following topcs: Couples anticipating life in a new stepfamily or blended family; Couples in the midst of raising a stepfamily; Women in a step relationship who don’t have children of their own; Men in a step relationship who don’t have children of their own; Children and teens that already are, or are going to be living in a stepfamily or blended family; Singles, Single Parents and Couples who are Step Dating with Children in the mix.

AWARENESS WORKSHOPS to introduce couples to step parenting, what to expect/not to expect, how to prepare yourself and how we can help.

GROUP WORKSHOPS focusing specifically on the concerns of the blended family through a 10 Step Program. The Stepfamily or Blended Family cannot and Will Not Function as Does the Traditional or Biological Family

COUNSELLING:   (In person and by telephone)
·         Stepfamily Counselling for Individuals and couples
·         Phone coaching or counselling

SUPPORT GROUPS: For individuals, couples, parents, stepparents, people dating with children in the mix, etc.

PEER SUPPORT:  Linking parents or stepparents together with other parents/stepparents and children together with other children to where possible, facilitate peer learning and mutual support. Options include in person peer support on a one-to-one basis or phone conferencing for 2 or more individuals (can be facilitated by a coach or counselor)

·         Individual Counselling $80.00 per hour (Cash only)
·         Group Sessions - (1.5 Day sessions) - Contact us for rates and times
·         Telephone Counselling $50.00 per hour
·         Workshops/Conventions -  Fee plus Travel/Accomodation

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